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  • How can I be more effective while singing?

  • How can I improve my vocal range?

  • Hoarse Voice

  • How can I use the breath support?

  • Why am I getting tired while singing or speaking?

  • Vibrato problems.

  • Can I Control my stage fright or nerves?

  • How can I use the stage properly?

  • What can I wear?

  • How to introduce and present myself with confidence in front of people?

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Some of these questions are just a few most singers ask. Maybe you are already familiar with it or ask yourself every day. Perhaps you are looking for feedback on your voice and technique, musical style, or journey. Great! You are in the right place. We are here to help you! People have come to our school with some of these questions and concerns all these years. Yet, when they left our school, they went on with their lives with all of the questions answered.

Singers, teachers, coaches, business owners, and students have sent us their audio and video recordings or have invited us to their live performances to give them feedback or evaluate their voices.

At TulgArt Voice Studio and Music School, this allowed us to help people and write professional Vocal Evaluations with our team.

Vocal evaluations are a detailed, written analysis of the singer’s strengths and weaknesses based on a recording or a live performance. After reviewing the singer’s voice, we provide thorough and step-by-step information on improving vocally.

Our purpose is to provide positive, constructive feedback for anyone at any level. This personalized feedback can help plan the next step in the singer’s journey.


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